SWOT [film]

The solo of Johanne Saunier is a duet with a bond which surrounds her and attaches her to the ground. The film explores this balance with the threshold of the fall, the take-off, takes along the dance apart from a room of spectacle and confronts the setting in scene with a multitude of interpretations, sometimes symbolic system, sometimes of the order of the concrete one. All at the edge of a cliff, the cord becomes vital, essential. In a shopping mall, in front of the illuminated windows, it is a setting in scene of the absurdity which is revealed, a metaphor of our irresistible desire of consumption, ever satisfied. In the room of spectacle one returns in the imaginary poetic one, the onirism.

Réalisation: Scindya de Barros

Chorégraphie et interprétation: Johanne Saunier

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